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I Love Lu

Join the campaign where fans and celebrity friends, across Latin America and the whole world, of America´s sweetheart ask for Lucero to visit their countries. You only have to upload a photo to your social networks forming the LU signal or using the iLoveLu logo accompanied by the hashtags #LuceroEnLatinoamerica #LU.

You can download the official logo of iLoveLu here to print your shirt, banner, cap or anything else you can think of to promote this fun campaign.




Equipo Lucero Mundial

Universal Lucero Fans

Siempre Lucero Internacional

Lucerinas Colungueras


Apoyo a Lucero

Lucero Brilla en USA

USA Fans

Club HL

Lucero de México

Un Lucero en México

Diva de México

Lucero en México (Autorizado)

The Lucero Fans

Fans de Lucero

Lucero en Nicaragua

Siempre Lucerina

Pura Vida Lucero

Dueña de tu amor

Lucero en Costa Rica

Fan Club Venezuela

Lucero Indispensable

Lucero en Venezuela

Indispensable en Colombia

Lucero en Colombia

Lucero en Colombia

Lucero Por Colombia

Lucero en Ecuador

Lucero en Perú

Lucero Perú

Familia Lucerina

¿Qué te pasa, Lucerina?

Team Lucerino

Lucero Brasileira

Lucero MX Brasil

Lucero Hogaza Universal

Lucero Brasileira

Lucero de México

Soy tu dueña

Lucero Fans Brasil

Siempre Contigo Chile

Lucero en Chile

Lucero Fans Chile

Lucero Fans Chile

Lucero en Uruguay

Lucero Una Diva

Un Lucero en Argentina


Lucero Fan Club Europa

Lucero Fan España

France Fans Lucero

Fan Club Bosnia

Lucero Czech

Lucero Serbia

Lucero Romania

Lucero en Hungría

Lucero en Bulgaria

Lucero en Albania

Lucero Fans Chipre

Lucero Polonia

Lucero Revista Lucero Mundial

Magazine Lucero Mundial

A group of Lucero's followers organize this monthly magazine where they talk about latest news about her and also they share some experiences about being her fans. Don't you miss any edition of this magazine, stay tuned on this section.

We want to thank Nancy Martínez, Antonela Benitez, Lucrecia Sirocchi, Carla Signorelli, Alexandra Gayoso, Adriana Loureiro, Mirka Botic and Luis Baeza.

Lu a estrela mais amada

Aline Rosa is a Brazilian follower of Lucero that decided to express her love, respect and admiration through a song that she wrote and produced. Becoming Lucero´s anthem not only in Brazil but in the whole world. Listen to it now!


Lucero - Lu a estrela mais querida

Lucero Gracias Lucerinas

Thanks, Lucerinas!

Undoubtedly one of the largest and most active followers armies is the one of the Lucerin@s. In this video, fans from many countries thank to America’s sweetheart for what she has brought to their lives. We thank them their support, dedication and effort.


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